1.2.2020 – Attorney McClure’s Thursday Three

New Year is best time for a policy review

There are certain things that you should do once a year and checking over your auto insurance policy is definitely one of them. Making sure that you have adequate uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, medical payments, and liability coverage is extremely important. We see cases all the time where clients are seriously injured but there is simply not enough coverage under the policy to pay for their medical bills. That is why we offer free policy reviews – simply send us a photo of your declarations page and we can give you advice on what changes, if any, need to be made.

Family exercise has many benefits besides a smaller waistline

You know that feeling after a nice, long walk? Why not double it by doing it as a family. This article highlights all of the benefits of exercising as a family, but it’s not hard to imagine that spending time together is great for family bonding. In addition to helping establish lifelong habits for a health lifestyle in your kids, it also provides motivation and encouragement, and is just plain fun!

Nightly accomplishment lists can build motivation and confidence

So often we focus on the things that we did not get to during the day. What if instead we wrote down all of the things we did accomplish? We would go to sleep feeling better and more challenged for the next day. This article on nightly accomplishment lists discusses how celebrating small achievements can have a big impact – plus it only takes a few minutes each night!

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