The Friday Five (12-21)

1. Helping kids remember the reason for the season by helping others As Christmas gets closer, your kids are probably talking about what they are going to get for Christmas. Turning the conversation around to what they are going to give for Christmas can make the...

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The Friday Five (12-14)

1. Holiday travel tips when driving short or long distances The number one thing to remember when driving during this time of year is to drive defensively. Like it or not, other drivers are especially distracted the closer it gets to Christmas – they have a lot on...

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The Friday Five (12-07)

1. Use podcasts to improve your life and learn about the world – even in your car! Most of us that have a commute to and from work in which we spend a lot of time alone in the car. It can be tempting to listen to the same music you always do, but why not listen to...

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The Friday Five (11-30)

1. Keep gifts a true surprise this Christmas Technology lends to instant gratification, which sometimes makes it tempting for kids (and significant others!) to want to snoop for presents around Christmas. Use technology to your advantage by “hiding” your online...

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