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My office is very different that most lawyers and even most professionals
Don E. McClure Jr. smiling

Don E. McClure, Jr.

Attorney at Law
My approach is to educate, educate, educate. I want you, the client, to know exactly what you are facing and what decisions you will need to make. I want you to not only know what steps we are going to take to solve your legal problem, but why we are taking those steps.

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I am a husband to Edith and a father of two girls and a boy.  Edith is my rock, both at work and at home. During work hours, Edith keeps the office running smoothly and she takes the time to really get to know the clients – not just their legal problems, but to know them and their families. Our off work hours are filled with school activities and soccer games. My children have somehow inherited my love to play soccer (I played soccer 2 or 3 times a week up until I had my children) and when my kids were old enough, I coached most of their soccer teams. My oldest has now moved on to play with her high school soccer team as well as a competitive select soccer team. I continue to coach my son and I look forward to when my youngest will be old enough to start playing soccer.

We enjoy traveling together as a family and, usually, Edith and the kids spend their summers in Mexico in a small “rancho” in Guanajuato, Mexico where Edith is from. We love visiting the area, eating plenty of street tacos and fresh corn. I love riding my bike through town and along the miles of corn fields that surround her town. The State of Guanajuato is one of the most beautiful places on earth and the people are welcoming. If you want to visit the “real” Mexico, come to Guanajuato, Guanajuato and experience a colonial town full of stories of the Mexican Revolution, mummies, music and romance. You can thank me later!

I grew up right here in Houston, Texas and, while I would never consider myself to be athletic, I enjoyed playing sports and especially soccer. After high school, I headed up to College Station to attend Texas A&M. I worked full time throughout most of my undergraduate life. I worked at several restaurants, as well as in the kitchen at the infamous Dixie Chicken making “Death Burgers”!

After graduating, I was not ready to leave College Station, so I showed up one day for a physical fitness test at the College Station Police Department. A short time later, I was dressed in blue and wearing a gun! I was only a police officer for a relatively short period of time, but I do believe that the experience I gained continues to help me with my cases now. I really enjoyed being a police officer and I take a lot of pride in being able to help people go through some of the worse times in their lives. I also have a lot of fun memories involving the many characters and circumstances I encountered as a police officer. Be sure to ask me for one of my strange, but true, police stories when you see me.

I then decided to attend law school. I graduated with honors in 1993, passed the bar, and threw out my “shingle”. I have been practicing on my own ever since. It has now been over 20 years and the ride has been exhilarating. When I would previously describe my day-to-day life as a police officer, I would often say that it was 90% boredom and 10% sheer terror! As a lawyer, it is similar in that most of what we do is not exciting. However, it is this boring part of our job that usually makes or breaks a case. The daily grind of checking and cross-checking the facts and witnesses of a case is what really makes a difference. I believe that my prior experience as a police officer has helped me to properly evaluate a criminal case as well as to determine who caused an accident and how an accident happened. Such experience has also helped me to determine who is credible and who may not be telling the entire truth – which is a great skill whether working a divorce, criminal case or a personal injury case.

I really enjoy solving problems for clients, but mostly I enjoy the relationships I have built with my clients over the years. Almost all of my clients come from referrals, which means that in some cases, I have two or more generations of clients from that original client. If I could make a family tree of my clients, the tree would be a huge maze of connected friends and family.

My approach to practicing law is very different that most lawyers and even most professionals. The old-school way of thinking was to keep all of our knowledge to ourselves – to keep you, the client, in the dark. Someone, they believed, and most continue to believe, that is the way to do business. I could not disagree more!

My clients are almost all Hispanic and the vast of my clients are from Mexico. And even though I am still working on speaking Spanish fluently, I do understand the culture, tradition and people.  And I love them all.

Being a lawyer in today’s world of distrust of lawyers and disbelief of anyone claiming an injury is very challenging. For example, juries have been conditioned by the insurance companies to think that most people who claim that they are injured are just out to take advantage of the system. The insurance companies have spent big money telling everyone who would listen that Tort Reform (laws that make it much more difficult for injured people to get justice) was needed. And while there are certainly people out there making fraudulent claims, most people are making claims because they are really hurt! The problem of a few bad apples has spoiled the bunch for the rest of those people who are sincerely injured.   While this makes my job much tougher, I continue to slug it out with the insurance companies.

If you ask me who I am, you could look to what I do and my background as set out above. But that is not “who” I am. No, being a lawyer is just “what” I do. I am married to a wonderful wife who came all the way from Guanajuato, Mexico to eventually meet and marry me. I have three wonderful children. While I need to attend church more often, I do have a strong relationship with God. I am a husband, a father, a baseball/soccer coach, a taxi driver for my kids, a cook and a lawn care provider.

In other words, I am probably just like you.

  • Texas A&M Alum 100%
  • Soccer Superstar 80%
  • Street Tacos Enthusiast 95%
Edith McClure smiling

Edith McClure

Customer Relations and Office Manager
I enjoy helping our clients through sometimes the most difficult times in their lives. I am the organizer of the bunch and I handle most of the administrative tasks of the firm. I also enjoy talking with our clients about their cases and about whatever else they feel like discussing. If I can ever be of service, please just let me know.

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I am married to Don E. McClure, Jr. and we have 3 fantastic children. I am originally from a small town in Guanajuato, Mexico. I am a proud Texan and Mexican/American U.S. Citizen. I am thankful for my friends and family and for this great country. I enjoy going to church and spending time with my family. Faith and family are the most important factors in my life.

In addition to Don and our kids, I have a huge family with each of my parents having 11 siblings. That means 22 aunts and uncles on each side as well as countless cousins, nieces and nephews! I am truly Blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family.

As I mentioned, I am originally from beautiful La Labor, Guanajuato (GTO) in Mexico, and my family is truly the American success story. From very humble beginnings, my mom and dad provided the family foundation through hard work and sacrifice. My father was the first of his brothers and sisters to travel to the United States of America under the Braceros program. He worked in cotton, fruit and vegetable fields all over the western and south half of the United States. Eventually, many of my family also gained work in the agricultural industry. However, most of my family from Mexico had previous experience as welders and they slowly began to get the opportunity to work as welders in the many refineries around Houston. Now, the majority of my family members are welders in the refineries and I often comment that the best welders and pipefitters are from GTO!

I really enjoy working together with Don. It is sometimes difficult to balance family and work, but because most of our clients are family or friends, there is really no reason to balance work and family because they are often the same. And while that can sometimes be a tough line to walk, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When you call the office, or when you come in to the office, Ely and I are often your first points of contact. I am honored to be trusted enough by our clients to be there not only in their bad times, but also throughout their good times. I do not take this relationship and trust for granted. After all, we are family.

  • Family Superhero 100%
  • Organizing Champion 85%
  • Office Guide 90%
Elizabeth Serrano smiling

Elizabeth Serrano

Paralegal to Don E. McClure, Jr.
I like to help others, to solve problems and most of all, to make our clients feel valued and appreciated. I look forward to helping you too!

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My name is Elizabeth Serrano Perez and I am known as: “Ely”  (pronounced as “Ell-lee”). I have been working for Don E. McClure, Jr. for over 6 years.

It was my first job and I have enjoyed the challenges that come from working with people who are at, sometimes, the most difficult points of their lives. It is not easy to share so deeply and personally the experiences of our clients, but it is also what makes me able to truly relate to our clients.  I am also family with Edith.

When I started working for Don E. McClure, Jr., I handled mostly divorce cases and criminal defense cases. I learned to be very organized and how to truly listen to a client. I have now added car wreck cases and other injury cases to the areas in which I help our clients.

On a personal note, my family is originally from Guanajuato, Mexico. My father is a welder in the Houston area. I am a newlywed and my husband is also a welder (of course). I am looking forward to many new adventures with my husband and best friend.

  • Newlywed 100%
  • Problem Solver 93%
  • Awesome Friend 95%
Raul Flores Jr smiling

Raul Flores, Jr.

Case Documentation
I order medical records, medical bills, police reports and I keep track of other critical documentation so that we can prove our cases.

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My family is from Salamanca, Guanajuato in Mexico. I have spent almost every Christmas and summer in Mexico and I enjoy the many friendships that I have there.

While my father is a welder in the refineries, I decided to go to college to study process technology which will allow me to work in the refineries as an operator and process technician. While I will not be continuing the welding tradition in my family, I will continue to work at the refineries. I am a nephew of Don and Edith.

Ordering medical records is quite detailed, but I have enjoyed the challenges and I think it has helped me to do even better in my studies.

I speak Spanish fluently and I enjoy listening to Spanish music and working on my new truck. As to soccer, I root for “America”, which secretly irritates Don who loves the Chivas.

  • Soccer Fanatic 82%
  • Car Enthusiast 87%
  • Detail Oriented 90%
Fish hiding between rocks

Our Receptionists

We have very friendly fish waiting to welcome you into our law office. They enjoy playing hide and seek with your children and will keep you calm if you have any worries or concerns.

Frosty the Law Dog: Frosty is not at the office often as he is usually busy doing nothing at home.

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