The Law Office of Don E. McClure, Jr. is dedicated to helping others through volunteering of both time and money. By serving others, we hope to give back to the community. We truly feel that we are making a difference in the lives of our clients through our work as lawyers and we want to continue making a difference in the lives of others.

If you have a organization that needs help or if you have an idea about how we can assist someone else, please contact us at info@attorneymcclure.com.

United By Love (Unidos por amor)


We stand side-by-side with this service oriented group that assists families facing uninsured medical expenses. United By Love raises money through their community of volunteers and gives 100% of any collected funds to the person or family facing mounting medical bills.

For more information about United By Love, please go to their Facebook page located at

Neighborhood Centers



Last year at Christmas time, we were able to donate 12 bicycles to teenagers through the Neighborhood Center located in Pasadena, Texas.  These bikes went to older kids who were struggling to get rides to school and/or had to work to help their families, but needed a way to get to work.

Many young children receive donated bikes at Christmas, but we felt there was an unmet need for teenagers who needed at least basic transportation. The teens were very appreciative for the bikes, but I think we got the true benefit.


Santa Clause

We also arranged for Santa Clause to visit the Neighborhood Center located in Pasadena.  Food was served and over 100 goodie bags were handed out by elves. Every child had the opportunity to take a picture with Santa Clause and the children were bursting with happiness.

The children asked for many things, including the usual toys and dolls, but what amazed me was how many just asked that their families would be happy. What a reminder to us all about what is truly important in life. Neighborhood Centers in Pasadena is located at 720 Fairmont Parkway, Pasadena, Texas 77504.


Fantasy Football

Our firm also sponsors a women’s fantasy football league. Each year, 12 teams compete with each other to win first place and the bragging rights that come with winning – at least for one year until the next season! While the winner gets a nice football shaped trophy, the loser gets a toilet bowl trophy. Actually, both trophies are pretty cool.

Every year, the league gives money to a different charity. Last year, we gave to an organization that supports families with autistic children and this year, we will be donating to the Houston Area Women’s Center, which helps out women and their children who are trying to escape an abusive situation. The league raised &750.00 and we matched the $750.00 for a total of $1,500.00 raised for charity. The Houston Area Women’s Center can be contacted through their website located at www.hawc.org.


Adopting a Family at Christmas

Every year, our law firm tries to help one family give gifts to each other and to their children. In many cases, the families are just asking for the necessities to survive – such humble people. We try to meet their needs, such as beds to sleep in and clothes to wear, but we also try to give a little bit extra to both the adults and the children that are not necessities.

Again, I think it is us who truly benefit from this experience. We are thankful for the opportunity to help someone else. If you have anything to give or want to donate to families such as these, please contact us at info@attorneymcclure.com.


Helping Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Last year, we saw many people who needed help to recover from Hurricane Harvey. When we heard of a client whose home had been flooded, we closed the office and we all headed over to her house armed with crow-bars, hammers, and, of course, a lot of bleach to combat the mold. We were able to rip out damaged sheetrock and remove damaged furniture, toys and clothes.

In the end, we were able to help several families try to save their houses as much as possible. Some of them are still trying to finish their repairs and move back into their homes. It is so easy to forget that many people are still struggling to get back into their homes and to sleep in their own bedrooms. I am thankful for the employees here at our firm who are so willing to get their hands dirty in order to help out another person in need.

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