Working in construction, oil refineries, or at the Houston Ship channel can bring numerous toxic health hazards responsible for death, sickness, and disabilities here in the heart of Texas.

Often the damage is not detected until long after the chemical exposure, when illness has grown extremely severe.

Victims of chemical exposure all too often fight an uphill battle against big money companies who have the resources to deny your claim.

Were You Injured due to Chemical Exposure?

The Law Office of Don E. McClure, Jr., PLLC understands the hazards that chemical exposure can have on uninformed or unprotected workers. You may be entitled to a settlement for their employee negligence.

Our office works hard to bring fair compensation to workers and their families who have suffered due to chemical exposure.

The Law Office of Don E. McClure, Jr., PLLC can help you in the following cases:




Hydrofluoric acid








Coal tar pitch

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It can take many years before you know you have been exposed and many years of litigation to justly compensate you for your condition.

The time to call upon a friend and occupational chemical exposure attorney is now. Contact the Law Office of Don E. McClure, Jr., PLLC today.

Common Types of Injuries

Skull with crossed bones

Wrongful Death

Head with brain

Brain & Head Injuries

Refinery Icon

Refinery Injury

Crossed out eye

Blindness Injuries

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The Law Office of Don E. McClure, Jr., PLLC fights for the hardworking refinery workers of Texas. If you have suffered loss due to an oil refinery explosion, contact us today to ensure that you are fairly compensated.

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