Auto manufactures are responsible for proper and accurate testing their vehicles and parts prior to offering them on the open market.

Automotive defects are a serious and legitimate threat to you and your family’s safety and cause major injuries or financial damage.

Although defects are rare, most automotive manufacturers don’t issue open recalls until it is demanded by consumer groups or the government.

Were You Injured by an Automotive Defect?

The Law Office of Don E. McClure, Jr., PLLC protects you and your family in the event an automotive defect resulting in injury or permanent loss. Do not suffer for the automotive industry’s negligence.

Your claim will be treated with compassion and a personal dedication to secure the fair settlement for your loss.

The Law Office of Don E. McClure, Jr., PLLC can help you in the following cases:


Fuel tank explosions


SUV rollovers




Stability control systems


Seat belts


Brake systems


Sticking accelerators


All Toyota defects

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The Houston Law Office of Don E. McClure Jr. takes pride on providing individual attention to each case.

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Don E. McClure, Jr. demands that you get what you deserve by establishing the facts of your case and ensuring that insurance companies comply to the riles. You and your family receive the settlement you are justly entitled to.

In the rare event that automobile manufactures market a patently unsafe auto, your personal safety is compromised in the interest of corporate profit. We stand by our clients for their compensation due to the negligence before public or government mandated open recalls.

Common Types of Injuries

Skull with crossed bones

Wrongful Death

Back of person

Back Injuries

Head with brain

Brain & Head Injuries

Car wreck

Commercial Car Injuries

Front of Person

Neck Injuries

Broken bone

Broken Bones Injuries

Crossed out eye

Blindness Injuries

18 wheeler hitting car

18-Wheeler Accidents

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Your personal pain and loss are worth more than the extra dollar in a corporation’s coffer. If you or your family have been injured by an automotive defect, contact the Law Office of Don E. McClure, Jr., PLLC today.

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