Do I even need a car wreck attorney?

Do I even need a car wreck attorney?

When you are involved in a car wreck, insurance companies may not want to give you what your car is worth or compensate you for all the damages to your vehicle.

Sometimes, mainly if you sustained minimal physical injuries, your insurance company will offer to cover the medical bills.

However, the truth is you don’t know what your case is worth.

It is very likely that what the insurance company will offer you will barely cover the medical bills incurred due to injury from the car wreck.

Watch the video below to see Attorney McClure discuss car wrecks:

What you need to know before handling a car wreck on your own

Is your insurance company there to help you?
Your insurance company will try to stall it out and find reasons to blame you for the wreck or even for the resulting injuries.

>> Most of the time the insurance company fights you not because of liability but because of the costs charged to the company.

Therefore, it is necessary to have an attorney to argue against the adjuster on the claims.

Is there a time frame within which to be treated after the accident?
Most of the time, people do not feel their injuries immediately at the scene; you may begin to feel pain days after the car wreck.

>> You should see a doctor as soon as you feel any pain following the accident rather than self-medicate.

Property damage and personal injury claims are not the same
These two claims are handled differently. Most of the time, your insurance company will cover your property damage but will be reluctant with personal injury coverage, which is why you need an attorney to handle it.

Never consent to a recorded statement
Your insurance company will use our words against you and will ask you questions that could bring out a response from you that works in their favor.

You are not obligated to consent to a recorded statement, especially for the other insurance company.

Evidence that can be allowed in a jury and how to get it in
Certain ways are used to prove certain records like medical records and police reports; therefore, you need a lawyer to determine the best times to present specific evidence.

Medical Bills
In some cases, you may be required to pay back your health insurance or worker’s compensation, for instance in the case of ERISA plans where you are obligated to pay it back.

How much will it cost to have an attorney?

We do not require any upfront cost, and we also don’t charge by the hour. We charge a 33 1/3 % contingency fee of compensations collected if no lawsuit is filed and a 40% contingency fee if the case is taken to court.

Call us at 713-904-1765 for help or start your claim today!

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