3 Auto Accident Aftermath Myths, Car accident with red car flipped over

3 Auto Accident Aftermath Myths

The Law Office of Don E. McClure Jr. has handled personal injury cases involving auto accidents for years.
One thing we’ve learned is that many of our clients have misconceptions about the steps they should take
in the aftermath of a car accident. Hopefully, this article provides some clarity.

Myth No. 1

Many people believe that your first phone call after a car accident should be to your insurance provider. However,the first phone call you make should always be to 911, even if nobody was injured in the wreck.

If someone has been injured, your first priority should be to seek medical attention for that person. But even if no one is hurt, calling 911 and reporting the accident will get a police officer at the scene. They will be able to objectively examine the damages caused by the wreck.

Myth No. 2

Some individuals will try to convince you that you must speak with the other party’s insurance company. But you
are never under that obligation. These calls are recorded and meant to be used against you when you file a claim.

All you need to do is exchange license and insurance information with the other party or parties involved.
If their insurance company does contact you, there’s nothing wrong with answering and being polite, but
never give a statement regarding the accident.

Myth No. 3

Many people believe that you don’t need an attorney after an accident. However, the best thing you can do
is call your accident attorney, even before you call your insurance provider.

While you may have an obligation to cooperate with your own insurance company in certain circumstances, a lawyer can provide you with expert advice before you agree on any settlements, especially while you are still in shock after an accident.

Warning! Insurance companies are not your friends. Their job is to deny your claim or offer you the lowest amount of money possible. Don’t be a victim twice.

If you’re unsure how to handle the aftermath of a car accident, call us today at 713-904-1765.

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