Myths of ‘Full Coverage’ Insurance Policies

Myths of ‘Full Coverage’ Insurance Policies

‘Full Coverage’ Sometimes Isn’t As Full As You Think

Jeff was driving home from work on a balmy Wednesday afternoon. His caution while operating a motor vehicle is only exceeded by his politeness. He arrived at a four-way stop close to the same time as another car. After waving the other vehicle through, he proceeded to make his way through the intersection. As he pulled away from the stop sign, an inattentive driver in a third car blew through the intersection and slammed into the passenger side of Jeff’s vehicle.

The mountain of medical bills, therapy, and car repairs was adding up very quickly. Unable to work, Jeff reached out to his lawyer to help navigate him and his family through the convolution of this scenario. After digging into the case, his lawyer came across a startling revelation: The driver who hit him wasn’t insured. Jeff’s policy stated that some of the costs would be covered, but his uninsured/underinsured policy only encompassed the minimum requirement. Learning that Jeff would be stuck with the remainder of the damages came as a surprise to him and left him feeling hopeless about his situation.

Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common. Drivers will often think they have full coverage, but they aren’t educated on what happens when they encounter an uninsured driver. Follow these 10 steps to insure you aren’t left holding the bag after an accident.

1. Check liability limits.
2. Review personal injury protection.
3. Take a hard look at your underinsured/uninsured policy.
4. Notice all the extras in your policy.
5. Research your insurance company.
6. Get everything in writing.
7. Finance your premium.
8. Obtain accident forgiveness.
9. Sift through for every possible discount.
10. Shop as often as possible for the best deals.

If you want to know more about these 10 tips, reach out to us today. The team at the Law Office of Don E. McClure is here to represent you to the fullest extent of the law.

Were you injured by a distracted driver? Read our distracted driving page to find more information about what you should do and how to get help from an attorney today!

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