Client’s uninsured motorist coverage helped her recover from disc herniation after a serious accident

Figuring out the right insurance auto insurance to purchase can be daunting, but we always encourage our clients and friends to ask for Uninsured and Under-insured coverage, even if your agent doesn’t suggest it.

We had a very interesting case involving a situation where we were very fortunate that our client had purchased under-insured motorist coverage. An auto accident was so serious that is caused a lumber disc herniation and three cervical herniations.

Our client needed surgical intervention in the way of Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections to alleviate the pain and inflammation and they are quite costly. In Texas, the minimum amount of liability auto insurance coverage that all drivers must carry is $30,000 and the at-fault driver had that minimum coverage. Between the hospital bills and visits to other medical providers, our client had much more than $30,000 in bills alone. We were able to get every dollar from the liability carrier and then we were able to utilize her own insurance.

Now, her medical bills will be entirely paid and she will be able to put a large amount of money in her pocket for the pain, suffering, and inconvenience this accident caused. We applaud her decision to choose this extra coverage and we invite our readers to check out our Facebook page for a whole series of videos we produced that explains the different types of insurance all people should have. Still need help? Call us at 713.904.1765 for a free consultation and we’d be happy to sit down and discuss your options.

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