The Insurance Adjuster is Being Nice to Me, So Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

The Insurance Adjuster is Being Nice to Me, So Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Acting like they are on your side is one of the first ways that the insurance companies try to get you to proceed without the help of a law firm. They train their adjusters to use tactics that will save the company money if the adjuster can get the injured claimant to fall for it. Common insurance company tactics include:

– Having you give a recorded statement to use your words against you later.

– Secretly checking your social media accounts to try and catch you doing activities they can blame your injuries on.

– Telling you that they will cover the cost of your medical bills, then refusing to pay if you need more in-depth treatment.

– Requiring you to sign a medical authorization that gives them access to your entire, private medical history – not just the records related to your accident.

– Refusing to pay for the damage to your car by claiming that the accident could not have been the cause.

– Offering you what appears to be a decent settlement shortly after the accident, before you know what type of treatment you need, then failing to tell you that once you accept the money, your case is closed forever – even if you need surgery down the road.

– Dragging their feet and waiting an excessively long time before paying any of the bills, in hopes that you will get tired of paying for everything out-of-pocket and simply settle early.

– Depending on the fact that your medical treatment will not be covered by health insurance, leaving you with no other alternative but to settle and be done with the case, instead of helping you find a doctor who will accept payment after your settlement arrives.

If you are dealing with any of the situations listed above, you need help and we are here to give it to you. Call Attorney McClure today for a free consultation.

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