Dealing with a Refinery Accident Injury: Is your boss insisting you use the company doctor?

Refinery accidents can be terrifying. Not only are many of them fatal or serious enough to cause incapacitating, permanent injuries, they can take a toll on the entire family. Unfortunately, recovering from an injury is just the first step on the long road to normalcy and healing. Add in the pressure of not being able to work, uncertainty at how the bills are going to get paid, along with the normal stress of everyday life with a family and kids, and a worker can feel lost and without hope. This is especially true when an injured worker is not receiving the medical care that they need. This often occurs when the company will only agree to pay for treatment if it is through their own corporate physicians.

Despite what your boss, the human resource department, or an accident “claims adjuster” tells you, you are free to get your own medical treatment from doctors you choose – not who your company tells you to go to.

We see it all the time in the cases we handle: our client was injured because of dangerous working conditions and they thought that their company would do the right thing and help them get back to health.

Instead, the company is refusing to accept responsibility, the client can’t work, bills are piling up, and they are getting no help at all, or they are being told that the only medical treatment they are eligible for is through specific doctors. Many times, the injured worker needs much more intricate care than what the company can provide, so they are stuck between suffering through an injury and hoping for the ability to regain their health and get back on the job.

This doesn’t have to be the case and if this sounds like something that you or a loved one is going through, make sure to call us so we can explain what your rights really are. After helping refinery accident victims for the past 20 years, we know who to trust and can help you find the best doctors for your specific problems.

Don’t suffer alone. Call Attorney McClure and let us create a plan to help you and your family today.

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