Refinery Injuries_Why They Happen

Refinery Injuries: Why They Happen

There are serious refinery injuries that come with working as a welder, pipe fitter, or any occupation in the industrial industry.

The risks of being an employee at a refinery are tremendous and severe which is why it pays so well.

In such a workplace, there are frequent instances of negligence that could lead up to injuries that include getting burned, broken bones from falling from heights, chemical poisoning, and ear damage due to explosions among others.

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Causes of Refinery Injuries and Explosions

Operator Error
There wasn’t as much safety training conducted in refineries back in the day as there is today.

Despite training being available today, if it is not administered well or extensively in adequate time, and if the safety features are also not administered well, then it could lead to severe incidences of negligence and even injuries.

Old refineries
Many refineries are over 40 years old and are running on old, faulty equipment that is prone to fail and cause injuries and explosions.

Most companies are unwilling to close production due to old and faulty equipment, and they do this at the expense of workers.

Malfunctioning equipment
Sometimes, the equipment is not well maintained. Some refineries overlook machinery maintenance and safety inspection.

Can you get fired for filing suit against the refinery after sustaining an injury?

Many people wonder whether the company will retaliate against them. It is unlikely that you will get fired especially if you are under workers compensation and sustaining the injury at work.

Sometimes, workers will be pressured to sign things, not talk about the incident or even not hire an attorney. However, you should not be bullied into making a decision that puts your life and health in jeopardy.

We recommend that you speak to an attorney about any injuries you sustain as they may be long-term and costly for you.

For advice on refinery injuries, you can reach out to us at 713-904-1765 so we can help you meet a favorable decision.

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