18 wheeler wrecks

18 Wheeler Wrecks

Did you know that Texas leads the nation in 18 wheeler wrecks? It is important for you to watch out for these trucks on the road and drive defensively.

Watch the video below to see Attorney McClure discuss 18 wheeler wrecks:

Read on to learn about some of the things you need to know when dealing with 18 wheeler wrecks.

Driver error: The Leading Reasons for Trucking Accidents

Driver error could occur when the driver changes lanes improperly or when the driver just loses control of the truck and causes an accident.

60% of all trucking accidents involve either changing lanes improperly or losing control.

Loss of control could be because of snow, ice, and rain that make roads slippery. Driver error can be caused by many things such as not paying attention and fatigue from driving long hours.

Always keep your distance from an 18 wheeler truck and try to keep out of their blind spots.

If you get into a wreck, one of the things you will need for your accident report is the log book where the hours of driving and resting by the truck driver are recorded.

Laws involved in an 18 Wheeler Wreck in Houston

Both federal and state laws apply for 18 wheeler wrecks; they are slightly different from those of a car wreck.

What to do in an 18 wheeler wreck case?

  • Investigate the scene

You may want to hire an accident re-constructionist in the case of severe injuries or a death case. They will analyze skid marks, the truck, and all other evidence before it is tampered with or disappears.

  • Preservation of evidence

You need to ask the other party to preserve evidence such as GPS records and driver information because they may otherwise discard it as they are not required by law to preserve it. This is done by sending a preservation letter.

  • Find witnesses

You need to track down witnesses as early as possible after the wreck.

When is it too late to hire an attorney for an 18 wheeler case?

You have 2 years to file a lawsuit, but we recommend that you file your case way sooner than that because. With the right lawyer and substantial evidence, you can have a strong case.

Do you sue the driver or the company?

This depends on the theory of liability; you can sue the driver or both the driver and the truck company.

18 wheeler wreck cases are very complex to handle and we would love to represent you and get you the help you need. Call us at 713-904-1765 or file your claim today!

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