Tips to prevent severe injury in case of a motorcycle accident

Tips to prevent severe injury in case of a motorcycle accident

Motorcycles are everywhere. We all love them!

Shiny, sleek and fast!

Is there anything more exhilarating than gliding down an open road, sun high in the sky, with the purr of the motor rumbling underneath you?

It is intoxicating!

Even though motorcycles are fun and exhilarating, they can pose a real threat to riders and their passengers.

Motorcycle accidents can be fatal.

In Texas alone, there were over 8,000 motorcycle crashes in 2015. Six percent of those resulted in fatal injury and twenty-two percent resulted in incapacitating injury. (Source: TX DOT)

As a motorcycle rider, being cautious and prepared is the name of the game to protect yourself from accidents. The more you know as a motorcycle rider could literally save your life.

Are there ways to protect yourself from a severe injury?

Yes, there are!

Here a few ways you can help yourself and your passengers prevent an accident while riding a motorcycle…

Steering Techniques

Learning steering techniques is vital to your safety. Using these types of methods can save you from a motorcycle accident.

Better handing leads to better safety, and these are a just a couple of critical steering techniques to learn.
• Countersteering
• Trail Braking
Countersteering is the act of pushing or pulling the handlebar specific ways to make corners easier. By pushing left and leaning left or by pushing right and leaning right.

Trail Braking is a gentle way to use the front brake to control your speed and your direction.

Road Skills Tests

Studies across the nation have shown that motorcycle riders that have less than one year of riding experience are involved in more accidents than more experienced riders.

Performing a road skills test will educate you as a rider with the critical skills to safely operate a motorcycle on the road. Study the book given to you by your DMV on motorcycle riding skills to be prepared fully for your road skills test.

Riding Safety Course

A new rider or even experienced riders can benefit from a proper motorcycle safety course. Motorcycle safety courses teach riders how to handle their motorcycle safely on the open road and in the city.

The information given on safety while riding a motorcycle is invaluable for any new or experienced rider to prevent accidents.

Wear a Helmet

If you are thinking of riding without a helmet…think again!
Any motorcycle rider who doesn’t wear a helmet is placing their life on the line hands down.


Most motorcycle accidents are brain injury related and fatal in most cases.
One accident or one fall without a helmet is all it takes.

The risk of a fatal brain injury is so high the risk is just not worth it! It’s simple… if you are going to ride protect your head and wear a helmet!

Sober Riding

It goes without saying that drinking and driving do not mix. It kills people, and motorcycle riding is no different.

Never operate your motorcycle while drinking and never do it intoxicated. Not only will you save your life but the lives of others.

Protective Riding

You can control yourself and how you operate your motorcycle, but you have to be wary of others on the road. Being on a motorcycle, you can be fatally hurt even with a minor crash and bang with a car.

Be careful and watchful of others on the road and ride with caution. Protect yourself while on the road.

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