Do you Know how Much Your Car Wreck Case is Worth?, Car with heavy dents and scratches

Do You Know How Much Your Car Wreck Case Is Worth?

How much is my car wreck case worth?

Many factors affect your case value, they range from the accident damages, your credibility, criminal convictions, you injuries, and other crucial elements.

It is substantial that you are realistic about your case’s value. By contacting an attorney, you will receive all the information needed about your case and its total cost.

If you were hit by a drunk driver, your case worth is higher and the jury will rule in your favor. Insurance companies will become nervous about denying this sort of claim, and will rise the person’s at fault premium.

Many factors are involved when it comes to your case worth:

Accident damages.

When it comes to damages, be sure that you have the pictures of your vehicle and the other person’s. It is crucial to have visible evidence of the damages, since it is a valuable part when evaluating your case.

The pictures will not only show who was at fault but also show the impact from the accident, and the injuries of the person. In plenty of cases, the car damage is low, but the driver is gravely hurt. In other cases, there is huge deterioration, but the person is technically okay.

Ensure that you think about yourself first and not your car. It is easy to fix your car, but you need to make sure that you are doing okay. Making it important to focus on your injuries and get them checked out by a doctor.

Your credibility.

Lawyers take into significance the trustworthiness of the client. If you have been in multiple car wrecks, claims, and have numerous injuries, your credibility can be questioned. It is important that when you speak to your attorney and that you follow all the information they give you.

The credibility of the person that caused the wreck is also important. If the person that hits you has been in multiple car accidents, and they seem to be a magnet for car wrecks, that will be a factor to your case, especially if they have been drinking and driving.

Your doctor’s credibility.

Your doctor’s credibility is also important. The doctor needs to be likable and have organization when documenting medical treatments. Be sure that they are reasonable with their charges and use standard guidelines.

Your lawyer will want a doctor that is going to follow protocol, for example, how many treatments you should have prior to getting an MRI, what would happen after the MRI and a time frame between these examinations and treatment.

It is imperative that as the patient you go through a treatment that improves your health. Do not be afraid to contact another doctor if the medical care you are receiving with your current doctor is not boosting your health. It is important that when going under treatment that you do exactly what your doctor tells you to, try to avoid missing appointments, everything that you do or not will appear on your record.

Not going to your appointments or waiting a long time for treatment can affect your credibility. The insurance company, your lawyer, and the jury will be asking themselves if it is true that you were that hurt by the accident since you have missed so many appointments or treatments.

Your attorney’s credibility.

Your lawyer’s credibility also factors your case. Be sure that you like and trust your lawyer, if you do not like your lawyer or trust them, then the jury would probably feel the same way about them. It is important that you have trust in your lawyer and they are there for you always.

Criminal convictions.

Attorneys have a lot of clients whose past make them look questionable. Often, these clients should not present in front of the jury. Your attorney has to look deeply into the case and see if it can be kept out of the court.

Your credibility does not only matter during the trial but also in your claim. The insurance would not ask questions about your history, but they will look you up on their own. They will see if you have had prior car wrecks or other committed crimes.

Do not be in a hurry.

It is important that you have patience when it comes to your case. When filing your case, think of it as a poker game, if you are ready to fold right away you are going to lose money. Just as poker, your case can take a long time.

Your injuries.

The harm that you obtain from the car accident play a big part in your case worth. It is important that you have x-rays or MRI of your injuries, you need have viewable materials; this will help those working in your case see the actual injuries that you got from the wreck. Take pictures of your visual wounds, for example, of your bruises or scars caused in the accident.

It is necessary to know how permanent your injury is; this is important because the trauma could disappear or it could keep you from working. Your age also makes a difference when it comes to your injuries. If you are older of age, close to retirement, and you have an injury that is keeping you from working, then your case worth will be less than somebody who is just starting their career.

>> Another factor is the amount of money that you make on your job.

If you are paid a large sum, then the damages are going to be worth more depending on your salary and the hours of work you are missing work because of your injuries.

Location of the trial.

If you live in a conservative zone, where the jury is conservative, it will be harder to get money out of them. The insurance companies know this, which make it paramount for your lawyer to present a good case. Your attorney must be likable and trustworthy to make your proceeding turn out as planned, the reason why it is important to like and trust your attorney since this will reflect in the courtroom.

From your part, you must have a good presentation at court for the jury to understand that you are indeed badly hurt, and not question your actions. In some good cases, often-times insurance companies want to get away with money that you deserve. Insurance companies will try to make up any excuse to minimize the damages seen in your car wreck case.

In Conclusion

You want to make sure that everything is documented properly, that you follow instructions from your doctor, communicate with your attorney, and that you present a good case to them; this is important to make sure that when your attorney is reviewing your paperwork, they will not doubt you.

Make sure that you have everything prepared in your glove box, download our FREE Accident Form, and stay alert on the road to avoid an accident.

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