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What to do when you did not call the police but now you are injured

What to do when you did not call the Police after a Car Wreck, but now you are injured

It could happen to anyone. According to a 2017 Forbes post, drivers file car wreck claims approximately every 18 years. One day you could be driving home and swerve to avoid another driver. On another day you could get into an accident with a distracted driver. Whatever way they occur, auto accidents are financially, physically and sometimes psychologically damaging. If you are ever involved in one, there are a few steps you can take to protect yourself.

What to do after a Car Accident
If you are ever involved in an auto accident, these are the first steps you should take:
Pullover. Failure to stop your car could be considered a crime/felony depending on the circumstances of the accident under Texan law

Call for an ambulance in case of a car accident injury.

• Get the other driver’s contact information

Record as much information as possible about the scene of the incident. For example, what were the weather conditions at the time of the accident? Were there any witnesses? If so, what is their contact information?

Contact the police and file a report. Contacting the police is a good practice after an accident, and especially if:

There is significant property damage (worth $1,000 and above)
There is death or car accident injury involved
You suspect the other driver is intoxicated
The other driver has no insurance or attempts to flee the scene

Under some circumstances, you may not feel that it is necessary to file a police report. Alternatively, you may have felt fine leaving the accident scene and experienced the signs of internal injury days after the accident. What do you do if you don’t file a report and discover that you are injured later, or if you’re too injured to file one?

How to handle Injury Claims without a Police report
Police reports serve two purposes:
• They detail the circumstances surrounding the accident and;
• Provide evidence of the accident, fault and injuries suffered as a result

Even without a police report, you can still file a personal injury claim after a car wreck if you do the following:
Seek medical assistance even if you do not present signs of an injury. Records of your medical bills, treatments, and related travel expenses can provide evidence of the injuries sustained as a result of the accident and their cost to you.

Record all the information you can about the accident, including detailed notes of the incident, photos showing your injuries and damage done to your car. These records could support your claim that an accident occurred.

File a police report as soon as you can.

Get in touch with a car accident injury attorney. Your lawyer will help you file a claim and get fair compensation for your injuries.

Make sure that if you are involved in a case where you did not report to the police and you are injured, to contact an attorney. They will do the heavy lifting on your behalf and let you resume your life after a car wreck.

Were you injured by a distracted driver? Read our distracted driving page to find more information about what you should do and how to get help from an attorney today!

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