These Sweet Recipes Will Spice Up Your Summer!

These Sweet Recipes Will Spice Up Your Summer!

Hit the farmers market, fire up the grill, and grab some marshmallows! Summer vacation means summer cooking. With all the fresh produce and opportunities for outdoor cooking, it’s no wonder the food is so good this time of year. Let us help you have the best summer ever with these amazing cooking tips and recipes. Your mouth will be watering before you’re done reading!

Essential Grilling Tips You Need to Know

It’s not summer vacation without a barbecue. We have Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and plenty of sunny weekends in between to delight your family with delicious meats and vegetables hot off the grill. There’s a certain art to grilling, so whether you’ve been a grillmaster for countless summers or you’re about the light the coals for the first time, these tips can help make your next barbecue a breeze.

15 Summer Soup Recipes To Beat The Heat

What’s your favorite kind of soup? The classic chicken noodle? Hearty sausage, potato, and spinach? What about a chilled lemon basil avocado soup? While soup might have a reputation as the perfect meal on a cold winter’s night, there are plenty of fresh, fun soup recipes that celebrate summer. Liven up your next family dinner and try a bowl of goodness!

Creative S’mores Recipes

Don’t forget dessert! Nothing says summer like campfire s’mores, and there are countless memories waiting to be made with this sticky treat. But don’t think you have to stick to the traditional graham crackers, milk chocolate, and marshmallow formula. From sweet berries to salty potato chips, this collection of creative recipes will make you say, “Can I have s’more?”

Just For Fun: Hilarious Cooking Fails

Breaking out a new recipe is a fun adventure, but more often than not, you’re left with an end product that looks nothing like the beautiful pictures online. Don’t despair! As these culinary catastrophes prove, it happens to everyone.

Enjoy the tastes of summer!

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