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What’s In Store For The Last Day Of School?

There’s nothing like the last day of school. Even if you haven’t set foot in a classroom in years, this time of year never fails to bring that feeling of nostalgia. Of course, if you’re a parent, this time of year also comes with a long to-do list. Let us help you make it to summer vacation without a hitch with these great resources.

Last Day of School

10 Ways To Prepare For The End Of The School Year

After nine long months, kids, parents, and teachers are all ready to take a break with summer vacation. But there’s a lot to get done before the last bell rings. How are those grades looking? Are there end-of-the-year meetings you need to schedule with the teachers? What plans do you have to beat off summer boredom, and if your kids are too young to stay home alone, who will watch them? Is it too early to start planning for next year’s classes? Yes, this sounds like a lot, but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. This comprehensive list has everything you need to finish the school year off right.

Creative Ways To Thank Teachers

If you think the school year lasts forever, try being a teacher! Every year, teachers spend countless hours trying to give our kids the best education, often without many of the resources they need. But teachers soldier on, and our kids are all the better for it. This year, between last-minute tests and planning that big summer trip, take a moment to help your kids give their teachers the thank-you they deserve.

How To Throw An Awesome End-Of-The-Year Party

Let’s face it: Getting through the last few weeks of school is hard. Why not celebrate? End-of-the-year parties aren’t just for high school grads. Kids of all ages will have a blast hanging out with their classmates one more time before summer officially starts. Let this article help get your creative juices flowing so you can plan an awesome party to bid the school year farewell.

Just For Fun: 11 Weird College Classes That Actually Exist

The end of the year is a great time to think about everything you’ve learned. Or maybe even everything you can learn. Have you ever thought about taking one of these interesting classes?

Here’s to summer!

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