Find Your Creative Courage

Find Your Creative Courage

For all of human history, people have loved art. We draw, sing, and create new things to express ourselves. Museums around the world are dedicated to celebrating our artistic accomplishments. But art isn’t reserved for those who have canvases hanging in expensive collections. We all have a creative spark waiting to be unleashed.


7 Science-Backed Reasons You Should Make Art

In school, you might have felt like you were either good at math and science, or you were good at art. Many people still feel this way, and while some people are more naturally inclined toward certain skills, this doesn’t mean only “left-brained” people should do art. In fact, there are a number of scientific reasons why we should all pick up a paintbrush.

How To Incorporate Art Into Your Daily Life

Alright, you’ve decided you want to appreciate art a little more. But between working full time and taking the kids to their extracurriculars, you don’t really have the time to break out the canvas. That’s okay! Being more artistic doesn’t require throwing yourself into the role of a disciplined artist. Just picking up a good book or listening to a new radio station can help you bring art into your life.

What Sort Of Artistic Career Should You Choose? 

Slaving away over a canvas isn’t for everyone. Some people enjoy sketching flowers during long meetings, while others find joy belting out karaoke songs. The best way to bring more art into your life is to find the kind of art that most resonates with you. And whether or not you make a career out of it, this quick quiz might be able to point you in the direction of your true passion.

Just For Fun: Unusually Awesome Works Of Art

Great art isn’t just paint or marble. The world is full of opportunities to create something one of a kind. Some artists have shown that even spilled coffee can make you say wow!

To finding your inner creativity!

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