1.16.2020 – Attorney McClure’s Thursday Three

Do I have to go the doctor my employer tells me to after a refinery accident?

Sometimes companies will tell a refinery worker that in order to get their medical treatment paid for, they MUST go to the company doctor or a doctor that the company tells them to go to. This is not the case. Refinery workers – and all employees in any field – have a right to see other physicians if they are hurt on the job. The best way to determine your legal rights under Texas law is to contact an attorney who is familiar with refinery injuries so they can walk you through the process. We are always happy to sit down with an injured worker – for free – to do just that. Call us, we can help.

40 things you can safely clean in your dishwasher

Who knew that there were so many things that you can easily wash in your dishwasher?! This list of 40 things will not only surprise you, but also make your life way easier. Our favorites were plastic toys, baseball caps, vent covers, fridge shelves, light fixtures, and removable cup holders from the car. Just remember that the safest place for most of the items is on the top rack and wooden, copper, or cast-iron items should never be washed in the dishwasher.

7 ways to make small rooms better and brighter

We’ve become pros and dealing with small spaces ever since Natalie moved away to college, which is why we really liked this article on seven ways to make even the smallest living room shine. Tips like using mirrors, have dual purposes for decorations, and strategically placing furniture are all great ways to make use of very little square footage. Check it out!

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