Is the insurance company insisting you sign a medical authorization?

Would you know what to say if the insurance company told you that they weren’t going to pay for your medical bills after an accident unless you signed some paperwork?

That is exactly what happened to a client of ours who was injured after being t-boned by another car. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance for x-rays, but a follow-up MRI showed that her back was much more injured than she originally thought. Even though the person who caused the wreck was cited for the accident, that person’s insurance company still refused to pay for any medical bills unless our client signed paperwork giving the claims adjuster permission to order all of her medical records.

This may not seem like a big deal, except what many people don’t realize is that the moment you sign that release, you are giving the insurance company permission to order all your records – whether or not they are related to the accident. All of your private medical history will be out there for the insurance company to analyze; they will look for anything on which to blame your pain to get out of paying, even old injuries or surgeries.

Your best bet is to let an attorney review any paperwork that any insurance company sends over (even your own) before you sign, to make sure that your legal rights are fully protected. At our office, we do this for free, even if you are not a client. Our client was smart to call us before she signed away her rights to compensation and we were able to show her that allowing us to help her not only leveled the playing field, but it also helped her end up with more money in her pocket after we fought for a higher settlement on her behalf.

If you have received paperwork from the at-fault party’s insurance company, do not sign anything without first consulting an attorney. We would be happy to review the documents – for free – to make sure that your rights are protected. Call us at 713.904.1765 to set up a complimentary consultation.

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