Never pretend your injuries are worse than they really are

Nothing can kill a claim faster than getting caught exaggerating the extent of your injuries.

Just like you should always be honest with your attorney, you should always be honest with yourself. Trying to get the insurance company to pay for problems that don’t exist is a sure-fire way to land yourself in hot water.

Adjusters are trained to do everything they can to discredit your claim and they are not above combing through your social media accounts or hiring a private investigator to follow your every move to prove that you really aren’t hurt as badly as you say you are. Not only will your medical records not be able to back up pain that isn’t there, neither will the information adjusters are able to “dig up” on you.

If you really are hurt, get checked out and have the medical treatment to back it up. But once you start to feel better, let your doctor – and your attorney – know so you can get the case wrapped up and move on with your life!



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