1. Helping kids remember the reason for the season by helping others

As Christmas gets closer, your kids are probably talking about what they are going to get for Christmas. Turning the conversation around to what they are going to give for Christmas can make the season a lot more meaningful for your family and those in need. Volunteering at the Christmas Eve Super Feast, making Christmas Day visits to nursing homes and rehab patients, or helping hospitalized kids who can’t go home for the Holidays through the Ronald McDonald House of Houston are all great ways for kids of all ages to get involved. Hopefully it will inspire them to give of their time all year long!

2. Trick your brain into falling back to sleep in the middle of the night

We all know that sleep is extremely important. But what if you want to sleep but your body just won’t let you? Tricking your brain can help! This article features 10 little things you can do to get some shut-eye, like smelling lavender or putting on socks. Probably one of the most important tips is putting away your phone (just like we should do when driving). Sleep tight, my friends!

3. Photographing both cars after an accident can help prove your case later

Have you ever seen those accidents where one car is completely demolished but the other is just kind of banged up? The position of the cars at impact, the model of the vehicles, and the rate of speed can all affect how much damage is done to cars and to the people inside of them. And sometimes serious injuries can happen even inside the car that doesn’t look like it had much damage. That is why it is extremely important to take photos of BOTH cars after an accident, especially if yours doesn’t look “that bad”. If you have photos of the other (crushed) car, it will help show just how severe the impact was, thus helping to prove your claim. If you were already in an accident and don’t have the other car’s photos, don’t worry. An attorney may be able to help you obtain them if the insurance company is giving you a hard time about paying your medical bills. Just give us a call and we’d be happy to help.

4. Christmas morning hacks to really soak in the joy of the big day

Did you remember to take a bite of the cookies left for Santa to prove he stopped by? Is your child wearing last year’s Halloween pajamas in their Christmas morning photos? Is mom running back and forth between bacon on the stove and the next present being opened in the family room? This Christmas Eve checklist is awesome for any parent who just wants to enjoy their kids and live in the moment on Christmas morning. (Think: no spilled coffee and no tears from a lack of batteries!)

5. Webcam we love for live-streaming and video chatting with family

If you are looking for a great webcam to participate in video conferences, create videos in the office, or communicate via video with out-of-town loved ones, you definitely need to get the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. It’s what we use to record our Friday Five videos and it has two built-in microphones, autofocus and light correction, records in HD, and is under $50. No wonder it has nearly 10,000 great reviews on Amazon!

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